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  • Admission will be open to all based upon merit and subject to the meeting of criteria irrespective of race, gender, and ethnicity or socio-economic conditions.
  • Admissions to the Pharm-D shall be made once a year; (After 1st Annual result declaration of FSc).
  • The number of students to be admitted in a program shall be determined by the Permission granted by PCP/BZU.
  • All applicants will use admission form placed in prospectus or via online admission portal.
  • All information submitted by the applicants for admission should be supported by attested copies of all relevant documents including transcripts and certificates; lack of official proof shall render a document invalid.
  • The applicant shall remain responsible for the provision of complete, correct and timely (before the closing date) information to the Admission Office; incomplete or incorrect information will not be entertained.
  • Provision of false, forged or fake document(s) or such entry in the admission form shall be dealt with the prevailing laws of the land. In such a case, the applicant’s request shall not be processed for admission. The admission of such an applicant shall be cancelled.
  • The Institute reserves the right to cancel the degree of such a candidate, at any stage, who succeeds in getting admission by submitting forged / false document(s) or making false entries.
  • The Institute will offer scholarship to the students according to the policy.
  • Admission will granted on first come first serve basis, provided that applicant fulfill the admission requirements.

Program Name Eligibility Criteria
Pharm-D (5 years program) FSc Pre-Medical or Equivalent qualifications with at least first (1st) division.

Fee Refund Policy

  • Non-Refundable Fee
  • Admission and Enrollment Fee once paid shall not be refunded what so ever the case may be. However, Admission fee is refundable only and only if candidate took admission on the basis of hope letter / provisional basis (result awaiting), but on declaration of result candidate become ineligible, admission fee will be refunded in due course of time.

  • Refund of Tuition fee shall be allowed:-
  • a. When a candidate took admission and submitted application 15 days before commencement of classes for fee refund due to following reasons:
        i. Death of applicants father/guardian
        ii. Admission in any other Institute / University
        iii. When a candidate is found to be ineligible to appear in the examination concerned in accordance with the Institute Regulations e.g. took admission on hope letter but on declaration found ineligible.
    b. When a candidate dies before the commencement of the examination. Provided that a legal heir of the candidate provides a death certificate attested by a First Class Magistrate and a Certificate entitling him to recover the amount.
    c. If the amount paid is in excess of the prescribed fee.
    d. Change of the Paper repeat fee /subject change fee/ NOC fee, if not allowed by the Institute.
    e. When a candidates who belongs to the Armed forces is unable to take the examination due to exigencies of service.
    f. For above clauses “a” to “e” a 25% deduction shall be made and the residue shall be refunded.
    g. When a candidate took admission and submitted application 14 days or less before commencement of classes for fee refund due to reasons mentioned in clause a (i), (ii) and (iii) then 50% deduction shall be made and the residue shall be refunded.
    h. Full fee refund shall be given to those applicants if :
        i. required program not offered in the session
        ii. Institute withdraws and program after admissions
    i. If a student submitted application for fee refund after commencement of classes only library fee / any excess amount (to be calculated according to fee plan and date of application).
    j. The Rector may allow refund of the fee in full or in part in all such cases not specifically provided herein before. Provided he records his reasons in writing granting such refund.

  • Refund of fee shall not be allowed:
  • a. When a candidate's name is withdrawn for non-payment of Institute;
    b. When a candidate's name is withdrawn on account of his rustication from Institute or withdrawal of character certificate for miss- conduct.
    c. Fees, which are refundable under these Regulations, are not adjustable towards.

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