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We Are Southern Punjab Institute Of Health Sciences

An Overview

An Institute at Multan under the name of “Southern Punjab Institute of Health Sciences, Multan” has been proposed to be setup with all eagerness, enthusiasm and missionary zeal and zest by the Marjan Educational Trust (Regd) Islamabad purely to cater the needs of Health Sciences education especially Pharmacy education as there are only two public sector universities which are providing pharmacy education in this belt of Southern Punjab


The region of Southern Punjab is lagging behind in literacy race. It is densely populated having more than 50 million people. Its establishment in private sector is a need of the day as obviously the literacy in area licks at its lowest ebb and the education scenario has sunk into pale of gloom and obscurity. The students of this belt will have now not to leave their home places in pursuit of their quest for better higher education. There is no institution in the private sector throughout the region. Only two public sector universities namely Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan and Islamia University Bahawalpur are obviously hardly capacitated to cater to the ever increasing educational needs of the belt.

Sponsor of the Project

Southern Punjab Institute of Health Sciences, Multan was setup under the banner of Marjan Educational Trust (Regd) Islamabad a chief supporter, financer and sponsor of the project whereas it would be the provider of new innovation in technology and incumbent to revive and rejuvenate of Muslim heritage to its rightful place in today’s modern world under the auspices of the present Government. The Trust provides good governance because of vast experience at its credit to run a number of top slot institutions from tertiary to university level very effectively & smoothly in the country. The proposed Institute will be backed up by the technical and financial support of other institutions of the Trust and indigenous and foreign universities

What is PHARMACY ?

Medicines are necessary for maintaining healthier life, saving lives, preventing diseases and epidemics. Medicines are foreign substances and can cause harmful effects rather than benefits if used carelessly. The mission of the profession of pharmacy is to improve public health through ensuring safe, effective, and appropriate use of medications. A pharmacist is a person who is involved in designing, creating or manufacturing of a drug product, dispensing of a drug, managing and planning of a pharmaceutical care plan. They are experts on the action and uses of drugs, including their chemistry, pharmacology, the formulation of medicines. Among doctors/physicians and nurses, pharmacists are also the part of the triangle of the health care system which has the primary role to satisfy the patient’s need and to minimize their problems regarding any disease. Keeping in view of the above management of SPIHS decided to start Pharm-D program to cope the needs of pharmacist in the country especially in Southern Punjab region.

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